Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Workplace Fairness Certification Training - June 10, 2013 Calgary

The Workplace Fairness Institute is offering a one day training session to become Workplace Fairness Analysts.

This designation demonstrates that a workplace practitioner is qualified to use the tools developed by the Workplace Fairness Institute to analyze workplace conflict management systems. They are unique tools to help you uncover workplace culture, determine common sources of conflict, identify the prevailing workplace conflict management system and evaluate it for strength and fairness. These tools provide a strong base for consulting in the workplace environment and are especially useful to:

• Human Resources consultants
• Union representatives
• Managers
• Business Owners
• Workplace Consultants
• Investigators
• Mediators

Those who choose "certification" will be listed on our web site and will be given secondary marketing support. You will also become a part of the "Workplace Fairness" community of analysts.

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Angelina Farrell said...
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Angelina Farrell said...

Workplace conflict management or workplace disputes can be solved in a dispute resolution centre without going to court.