Friday, July 04, 2014

Workplace Fairness Analyst Certification Seminar Sept 6&7, 2014 Toronto

The Workplace Fairness Institute offers this two day professional development seminar to ADR professionals, ombuds, human resources practitioners, diversity consultants, managers and union representatives.  This seminar will provide participants with tools to analyze organizational conflict management systems and begin the process of restoration for organizations that have experienced trauma.   

Day One – Proactive Organizational Conflict Management

Day One will focus upon a proactive approach to identifying and managing workplace conflict.  We will introduce a number of specially developed theories and models designed to enhance our understanding of workplaces.  This includes increasing our understanding of the following:

·         workplace culture identification
·         sources of workplace conflict
·         workplace Conflict Management Systems identification
·         System evaluation and diagnosis
·         prescribing healthy change


DAY TWO – Restoring Harmony to Organizations

The second day will focus on Organizational Restorations.  This is a growing area in the field of workplace conflict management.  Many organizational leaders are recognizing the need to cleanse and heal a workplace that has gone through some trauma.  We will explore a unique approach to Organizational Restorations that maximizes the healing process.  For this session we will centre our learning on the Assessment aspect of the process which is critical to diagnosis and treatment of unhealthy workplaces.  

CERTIFICATION - Workplace Fairness Analyst (WFA)
This certification demonstrates that a workplace practitioner is qualified in the use of the tools developed by the Workplace Fairness Institute to analyze workplace conflict management systems.  On Day Two participants will be provided with binders full of processes and electronic checklists to help them manage a workplace fairness assessment.

COST: $728+HST including materials. Certification additional $200+HST

LOCATION: ADR Institute 405-234 Eglinton Ave Toronto ON

DATES-TIMES: Sept 6&7, 2014 9:30-4:30


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