Thursday, November 02, 2006

Redux on the ACR Conference

Last week I went to the Annual Conference of the Association For Conflict Resolution (ACR) in Philadelphia. It was an honour to speak at the conference on the topic of Measuring Workplace Fairness. Our small room was packed with interested workplace practitioners. I introduced my theory of fairness and showed participants how to use the Testing Instrument for Fairness Systems (TIFFS) to measure the strength of thier conflict management systems. I was also most pleased to be welcomed into the Workplace Section ACR. This is a vibrant community of workplace practitioners. One of the Tri-Chair's is my friend Debra Dupree from the Pulse Institute.

Other very interesting people I met were:

- Catherine O'Brien: Canadian Association of Professional Employees (CAPE
- Judy Curme: AFSCME local 2620
- John Ford: Managing Editor -
- Michael Dickstein: Mediator/Arbitrator
- Barbara Swartz: Mediator
- Candace Gottlieb: Workplace Mediator
- Stephen Ktoev: American Bar Assocation
- Pattie Porter: Workplace Mediator
- Ken Starr: Mediator-Arbitrator
- Neil Bodine: Attorney
- Connie Ferris: ADR Program Manager
- Denese Edsall: HR Manager
- Shari Swoish: Workforce Solutions Plus
- Bill Eddy: Mediator/author
- Margarita Canal: Professor
- Erica Sher: conflict coach and mediator
- Professor David Lipsky: Cornell University
- Stephanie Stobbe: Professor - University of Winnipeg
- Steve Critchley: Pulse Institute
- Gina Barbieri: Executive Director, African Institute of Mediation
- Eskandar Rastegar: Ombudsperson, United Nations
- Tanis Sourdin: Professor of Law and DR, La Trobe, Australia
- Kevin Brown - Mediator
- And of course, who could forget Kristina Haymes of Mediator Marketing Institute?

The ACR community is vibrant and engaging. It was such a pleasure to share theory and practice ideas with so many workplace consultants, coaches, mediators and abitrators.

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