Sunday, November 12, 2006

Looking for Tips on How to Market Your Mediation Practice?

I can recommend two very excellent people for this purpose. The first is Kristina Haymes of Mediation Marketing Institute. You can check her out by clicking "mediation marketing tips" on the side bar. She has a very interesting practice helping mediators find their niche and giving them solid advice on how to reach clients. And the second is Dina Lynch from ADR Practice Builder. You can reach her at Dina also has connections with the Ombuds community so is a good resource for those interested in a practice in systems analysis and design.

I highly recommend both of these practice consultants because they both have strong faith in the value of ADR processes. They both have a passion for social transformation which makes them especially effective in their efforts to build practices with their clients. And they both have ADR practices of thier own - which means they know what they are doing. If you are looking for that personal touch to marketing your practice both Kristina and Dina are good choices.


Dina Lynch, said...

Thanks so much Blaine for the kind words. Between your fine work and mine we might success in helping the world be a more peace-loving place.


Dina Beach Lynch
Ombuds, Business Mensch

Blaine Donais said...

You are most welcome Dina.

Kristina Haymes said...

Thanks for the plug Blaine. Dina and I are both passionate about helping other mediators and conflict managers build thriving practices. We'll be collaborating on a great project soon!
People can get my free report "10 Biggest Mediation/ADR Business Mistakes" at or jog along to my blog at we are having a fun on-line book club where the first book we are reviewing is none other than Mr. Blaine Donais' fantastic Workplaces That Work. Come on over and join the discussion and check out my practice building and marketing tips.
Committed to your success,
Kristina Haymes
Mediation Marketing Queen :)